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nasty? Nobody’s nasty here.
Generally speaking, i think an accusation should be posted only when all other means to solve a problem have been used.
I’m just suprised to see you coming up on the board saying that we’re total BS and ripoff, while i’m not even aware of your problem.

Ask around my friend, we’re the good guys here. We haven’t screwed anybody. some affiliates have tried us, didn’t worked and dropped us. some other tried us successfully, and they’re with us for years…

My idea of business is based on reputation. If you have a good one, everybody will work (and play) with you. if you don’t, you might get a piece of business, but very quickly people will drop you fearing that their traffic will not produce coz of the reputation.
I apply this policy to all aspects of our business and after over two and a half year of operation, i can tell you that it works extremely well.