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Reply To: Links Manager Warning!!!!


Man, linksmanager sites give me the :cuss:

:flamer:OFten they fail to find the recipriocal links I’ve placed for them on my website, which are often ONE step off the frontpage. What do I do then? I can’t email the bot and ask him to check again, so I just delete the links.

:flamer:Often I’ll get a email 3 months down the track telling me “The LM bot can’t find hte link!” when it is still there. Once again, time to delete that link, because linksmanager thinks its gone.

:flamer:Often I can’t find my link on their sites due to terrible default layout. (which usually passes on no PR anyway). So I delete the link, then get a email the next day telling me It can’t find their link on my site, well I couldn’t find MINE on YOURS mr Bot!

Its no coincidence that “link” is a four letter word. I’m over the whole linking link thing. Its my new F word, the L word (great show btw, keeps young single mens dreams alive).

I guess I’m also saying that some of these “Devious” tactics may also have webmaster victims at the other end of linksmanagers incompetance. LEast when I do link exchanges you speak to *me*, so if there is a problem I can at least answer. Usually if you email the webmaster of the site with linksmanager you don’t get a response.

Thats my rant for the day! :)

Have a great Linking day!