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Reply To: Links Manager

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A trick I have seen a few times lately is not very difficult to do and is very widespread.

The link partner will use javascript or as oneguy stated in some cases a cgi script to redirect to your site. They will then utilize a mouseover to display your url so that when you visually check the link it will show x – unless you right click the link you will not notice this slight of hand trick! CHECK the code to make sure!

ALSO – I attempted to exchange home page links with someone a couple weeks ago – they put my links up and everything was cool – I returned to check this week and he had removed my links from his homepage! ALWAYS reverify that your supposed partners are not removing your links. DO NOT rely on recip checkers as prof stated they are not reliable!

Hard work and hard coding are the best way to successful link exchanging. Dont use shortcut methods that save you a little time up front – youll lose your ass in the end!