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Reply To: Captain Cook problems


Just wanted to give an update on my travails with CCC and Integrity. Instead of beating my head against a wall in trying to explain this I am just going to place my recent stats in this post (I am leaving out Poker stats since I don’t push that program and thus are irrelavant). Maybe the professor or someone else can try and make sense of this.

~ This is my May payment report. (reflecting my share of the chargebacks ($1190) minus my earnings. ~

Payment Report May 1 2004 12:00AM
Total Commission- ($194.39)
Previous Balance -($579.71)
Brought Forward-($774.10)
Payment Due-$0.00
Amount Approved – $0.00

~June 1st~

Payment Report- Jun 1 2004 12:00AM
Total Commission-$0.00
Previous Balance – ($774.10)
Brought Forward- ($774.10)
Payment Due-$0.00
Amount Approved-$0.00

~ These are my earning for June. ~

Your Total Commission is broken down as follows :

Program – Captain Cooks Casino – Casino Revenue Share Model – 1- $95.55

Casino Revenue Share Model – 2 – $87.38 – Total $182.93

Program – Casino Kingdom – Casino Revenue Share Model – 1- $0.00

Casino Revenue Share Model – 2 – $50.98

Sub Total- $233.91

Affiliate Referral Commission – $7.00

Total- $240.91

~So as you can see I earned $240.91 in June. This is the payment report for July 1~

Payment Report- Jul 1 2004 12:00AM
Total Commission-$0.00
Previous Balance- ($774.10)
Brought Forward- ($774.10)
Payment Due-$0.00
Amount Approved$0.00

Apparently I am not being credited with my earnings. So, even though I had earnings they are NOT being deducted from my negative balance. If I am missing something here then please help me out. Remember Voodoo Economics? I call this Voodoo Accounting.

You will recall in my earlier posts that I stated my numbers for May were very suspect ( second paragraph of this post= ). When I wrote to Capts. they were quickly changed. I expect these numbers I just posted for July will change again.

As for Integrity’s MANY promises to get back to me and explain how these chargebacks happened well that just has not happened. This is the last email I received on June 11 – ‘Dear Greg, Gina has asked those questions of the accounts department, as soon as we have an answer we’ll get it to you – promise.have a good weekend.Cheers Carly.’
Can we say lip service?

The crazy thing about all of this is I am being charged$1190 (my share of the chargebacks) from this one player but my earnings from this one player equal a total of $859.07. This was from CC Flash for the month of Dec. 03 and Jan. 04. The first chargeback for $1700 was in April. The second for another $1700 in May. Still haven’t received an explanation for this.

So, are you watching your stats from Integrity?


(yes that is my testimonial on the front page of Integrity’s web site. From a couple years ago)