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Reply To: Links Manager Warning!!!!

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Category? What Category?

This is a subtle variation on trick #1 which can be performed quickly by Links Manager users to defraud their fellow link partners.

1. The culprits create a category with links manager at their site IE:

Sites Menu-Entertainment-Gambling

2. They solicit links with Gambling sites like yours or mine via Link Partners.

3. After a week or so they go back and remove the category. To our friend the Google spider their Sites Menu now looks like this

Sites Menu – Entertainment

4. Your link was already verified and the url remains active for the reciprocal link checker, but of course search engines never see your link and credit you with it!!

Note: The way I uncovered this little gem was when I manually went to the url where the reciprocal link was located I noted it was a PR0 page. I then clicked on the link path above the listings which read Sites – Entertainment – Gambling. When I went back to Entertainment on their site I found the Gambling Category had been removed!!:angry:

More Tricks to follow….