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Reply To: What’s happening to some portals PR?


Originally posted by Classics
Who you link to has mattered a lot for six months.

I totally agree – ever since Florida or what every “they” liked to call it – the only links I have concentrated on are “targeted” and “quality” and from day 1 – I have never linked to Links Manager sites … I always called it a lazy mans tool – heh!

Also I have no problem with homepage links so long as they are not “over done” I have always went by your number “10” any more is too many IMHO.

Also I have no idea how to tell if a site has received a penalty – I dont think just because it shows a white bar means its been nabbed. I checked the sites listed above and they still rank very well for some keywords.

Also – I just redesigned one of my sites – uploaded some new files which goolge has never seen and they show a white bar not a gray – so how can you tell its a penalty – I dont know.