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Reply To: What’s happening to some portals PR?


Originally posted by Professor
… we felt that Google may be shifting focus towards land based casinos and informational sites to the detriment of traditional online gambling portals.

😮 IF thats true its probably just a matter of time before all our sites PR is raped! Lets hope not! I had a few sites go from 7-6 and others go from 6-5 … nothing went up this last shift.

Furthermore, if thats the case Im certain they will start to FROWN upon websites that have 10-20+ homepage link partners! I stated that was a horrible idea over a year ago – most ignored me and today some have 30+ heh!

ALSO – if your one of the pages in the exchange and your linking to a newly penalized site – you may want to GET OUT! Linking to a “new” site with a 0 is one thing, but linking to a naughty site is suicide!