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Reply To: Commission Changes


Hi Folks

I don’t want to down play your concerns and I acknowledge some of you may feel threatened by these changes.

I hope my 5c will help:

Dammit :crazy: We should have spoken to some of you that have been around for a while and got your input first. (We are making far more of an effort to see and talk with our Affiliates such as yourselves; I especially enjoyed meeting some of you in Miami, so lesson learned.)

We made these changes to activate some of the folk that have not been around for ages – it was never our intention to penalize you, the affiliate that dropped as a result of a Search Engine messing with your ranking. So, if this is the case and you’re affected; get hold of your Account Manager and they will make a plan.

These changes were deliberately designed to not impact our valued and performing affiliates – this is why there is only a ‘ONE new active account’ requirement in order to make the 25% tier. The last thing we would want to do is kick out affiliates for non-performance.

There was a question of when the casino pricing changes take affect – assuming it would affect you, it will only do so in July ’04. June ’04 commissions will not be affected.

Now for poker… (Prof., I feel like we owe you an apology. We should have updated you on this last week.)

The truth is that the poker changes were quite sudden and in all the “fun” of rolling out the casino pricing changes we dropped the ball. Now that it is out I would like to make sure that folk know that the 40% tier was always a time limited offer so that change was inevitable – the CPA clawback was withdrawn as there was simply too much abuse by a select few Affiliates and a wider spread of players. Once we have the new poker player offer in place we may put this deal in place with Affiliates who we know and trust.

Again – we have no interest in hurting the normal performing affiliate – so talk to your account manager if you’re one of the few good guys that did get knocked down!

Moving forward…

In an attempt to bring in the positive I have started a new thread called “Affiliate Promotions” – please add your thoughts/ comments/ ideas about how you would like to see Affiliate promotions/ incentives work – and I mean ones that the average affiliate will benefit from not just ones for the top few affiliates…If we put some of these in place then perhaps you will realize we are not just trying to cheat you.