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Reply To: Commission Changes

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just because some affs are currently severely hampered by the PPC situation doesn’t mean they won’t land on their feet given a month or two to figure out where to advertise.

everybody knows that when you are trying out new places, that you just don’t go in and throw down $5k without having tested the waters first.

I think those that were successful once, will be again. But its not a light switch that can be flipped. These things take time.

and no matter, its not like anybody is costing RB anything.

They (casinos) are still seeing a profit off the deposits made by existing players.

I really don’t see a leg to stand on if that’s an arguement for this reasoning.

how many players I send has absolutely no bearing on the profit made from existing players.

It will still be made, and the lack of new players sent only means that there won’t be any new accounts to show added profit. But the profit from existing players is not effected one bit due to the increase or decrease of new players sent.

bb1webs – why don’t you keep the lucky nugget ads up until the changes are finalized? As far as I know RB is reviewing the new changes, so there is a chance the old system will be kept in place.

I will. it will take me that long to find time to hunt the dang things down.