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Reply To: now that GATOR is not stealing


Don’t get too happy too fast.

Whenu use is rising rapidly, and so is the use of various other things.

The non availability of overture etc has made many previously clean places start to use scum.

My longterm predicition is grim on that level.

This is based on my research into the matter over the last few weeks.

Also, whenu is starting to pair up with some not so savory things that don’t ever really clear from your computer and keep reloading once you delete.

I strongly recommend everyone search their computer for “wild tangent” or “wild tangent games” and get rid of every little bit of it. Then go into the control panel and see if it hasn’t created a category there. Go in and disable it. It seems to serve as a gateway for all kinds of crap.

Of all people, I’d love to be upbeat about this, but scum is growing quickly to usurp the space left by Gator and I am afraid it won’t stop there.