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Reply To: Full Pay at Grand Aces

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Essentially RTg Casinos have the option to set their paytables at 3 settings ,low medium and high ,now before evryone goes of on a tangent some of the VP and MHVP games are distinctly biased towards the player therefore the feature ,when you change the paytables between these settings the obvious thing that changes are the amounts that people get paid .The Actaul paytable changes ,it is also not a significant amount

After discussing this with a few people i have decided that the % that we might be saving really is not worth it,i want us to not only have the best VP and MHVP on the net but we also need to compete against the MGS and Playtechs of the world in this regard ,they offer full pay on all their games ,true they dont have 100 hand VP and we have , plus we allow players to double up like the MGS Casinos.

All in all this is a trial to see what kind of response i will get from the paying playing clients.

I have been lambasted on my end of the woods but i believe that this is the right thing to do for players and only time will prove me right or wrong.I hope that it is right

If you have any more questions please let me know.

Best Regards