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Reply To: Wouldn’t it make more sense???


You think that’s bad? This is from one casino.

Number of Clickthroughs: 353
Number of Downloaders: 224
Number of Players: 1546
Number of New Depositors: 34
Total Initial Deposits: $1,644.00
Total Deposits: $11,119.00
Net Win: $39,688.46
Coupon Amounts Awarded: $35,301.00
Manager Credit Amounts Awarded: $3,574.75
ChargeBacks: ($40.00)

Net Profit: (Net Win – Coupons – Credits – Chargebacks) ($875.21)
Amount Deducted: $264.84
Amount Miscellaneous Adjustments: $829.06
Amount Added For Reversed Bans: $21.25
Amount Earned: ($311.80)
Amount Earned From Tiers: $850.29

The click/download ratio isn’t bad. But 1546 players? And this is what sucks. I had 34 depositors for over $11,000 in deposits. Excellent earnings from tiers, but that got wiped out by my own earnings.