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YouTube Video Creation Marketplace Creates Video Options

Affiliate partners who are looking to increase social shares with video content will definitely want to take a look at YouTube’s new Video Creation Marketplace.

This new feature helps connect the small scale video producers, who are get big page-views, with advertisers who need video help. Though some large corporations will be using the service too, the YouTube Video Creation Marketplace is designed with small businesses in mind.
How It Works
If you’ve spent any time at all browsing on YouTube you’ve probably noticed that a lot of the video channels have some pretty devoted followers. What you might not realize is that these basement network executives are pulling in six-figure incomes from their channels from ad revenues.
Besides advertising, many of these operations also make big bucks creating short videos for businesses on the side. Before the YouTube Video Creation Marketplace, these businesses had to seek out the video creators on their own. The Video Creation Marketplace sidesteps this process by giving content creators a platform for advertising their services.
For businesses, the new service makes connecting with a video provider who is a proven entity and operates in their niche a lot easier.
“If you’re a boutique shoe designer and don’t have the resources of a huge luxury goods retailer, but still have a great story to tell in video, this marketplace might be a step towards helping get your brand in front of one of the biggest audiences ever assembled,” said YouTube group product manager Baljeet Singh.
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What it Means for Affiliate Partners
This announcement is great news for affiliate partners who are looking to add some multimedia content to their websites. The YouTube  Video Creation Marketplace give them a direct pipeline to some very proven, and fairly affordable, video creators.
“The creativity coming out of YouTube rivals that coming out of creative agencies any day of the week,” Singh said. “And we already know that their content performs really well on YouTube.”
Video SEO
Google has been giving increased attention to social shares of all kinds and this seems like a quick and easy way to get a share of that action. The possibilities for video content are, seemingly, endless and video content is a consistent, shareable entity.
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