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Yahoo! Answers Revamp Adds Social & SEO Value

Yahoo! Answers is getting a major overhaul that could increase the popular features’ SEO and social value. It’s the latest move in Yahoo! CEO Marrissa Mayer’s efforts to restore the struggling company to its former glory; and it could be good news for casino affiliates.

Despite sporting an interface that hasn’t changed since Yahoo! was the Web’s top dog, Yahoo! Answers is still a heavily trafficked corner of the Internet.
Not only that, the site offers some serious SEO and its postings frequently pull sky high Page Rankings. That’s certainly one of the reasons Mayer has targeted it for an overhaul.
Most of the proposed improvements are focused on bringing the site up to Internet 2.0 standards with lots of social media and user interaction. Users will now be able to upload images and videos to go with their postings.
Users should also see a new, mobile-friendly version of the site. (Mayer is putting a major emphasis on making every corner of the Yahoo! empire mobile-friendly.)
The Yahoo! Answers revamp is great news for web marketers, who have long seen the site as an easy source of high quality links.
Plenty of affiliates, casino and otherwise, answer questions (or post them and then answer them) in hopes of making connections with an authority site. The new upgrades seem like a tacit acknowledgement by Yahoo! of that relationship and the two-way value it provides.
Other changes to Yahoo! Answers will focus mainly on bringing it in line with Yahoo!’s new look and feel.