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WSOP Goes Mobile

December 29, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — Like it or not, the mobile online world is becoming more and more important to the basic world of Internet marketing. And that’s not just because of the growing popularity of the iPod and its many applications — although that is a key driving force. It’s also because of the simple reason that many people now connect to the Internet on the go, from places other than home of the office, and this trend could see mobile becoming more prevalent than standard access. Already, according to some estimates, there are about 450 million mobile Internet users.

To cater to this new Internet niche, many, of not most, of the major online casinos and Internet poker sites already offer mobile versions of their downloadable gaming software. The latest addition to the list is the iconic World Series of Poker, which has just released a mobile gaming platform that lets poker players interact with 25 WSOP games.

The publisher, Glu Mobile Inc., has a track record of mobile gaming; the new WSOP game was created under a contract Harrah’s, the owner of the WSOP brand. “We are thrilled to take the WSOP to the iPhone with Glu Mobile,” WSOP Vice President Craig Abrahams said in a recent news release. “This app is a game changer in the category and is consistent with our core strategy of taking the WSOP to all digital platforms with top production values.” (Read the news release here.)

The new WSOP mobile game is already offered on the iPhone App Store.