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Weird Wednesday: Olympics Moments 2012

Now that the Olympics have drawn to a close, it’s time to a look back. We’re not talking about the gold medals and shining triumphs– we want to take a look back at the weirdest moments of the 2012 Summer Olympics, and trust us, there were plenty to choose from.
Starting with…

The Bad Girls of Badminton
Eight female badminton players from China, South Korea and Indonesia were disqualified when it was became obvious they were purposely playing to poorly because they wanted a more favorable draw in doubles competition. We thought you were supposed to perform your best at the Olympics, no?
Ryan Lochte’s Tweets
Following his 200m loss, US swimmer Ryan Lochte took to his Twitter to share words of wisdom. Our favorite Tweet?  “I nee some energy for tomorrow race. All I need is an ice cold Mountain Dew. With some gatorade dink that noenthat will kre p u up and ready.” Someone, get this guy a dictionary.
Blasted Belgian
Belgian cyclist Gijs van Hoecke was banished from the games by the Belgian Olympic Committee after photos surfaced of him looking absolutely wasted and unable to walk while leaving a London nightclub. How embarrassing.
If You’ve Got Not Nothing Nice to Say…
… don’t post it on Twitter, let alone say it. Greek triple jumper Voula Papachristou never even made it the Games because of a nasty Tweet she made about African immigrants. Nice. (Don’t these athletes have any manners?!)
Fan Throws Bottle, Gets Ass Kicked
At the 100-meter men’s final, a drunk idiot, er, fan threw a bottle onto the track just before the start. Little did he know he was sitting next to Edith Bosch, the bronze-medal-winning judoka, who slapped him around a little before security threw him out.

Moral of the story, folks: Alcohol and athletics don’t mix. Stay off your Twitter unless you have something normal to say…annnnnnd don’t cheat! Thanks!