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VIP Online Casino Raises Their JackPot on Millionaire Club

VIP Casino provides a series of progressive, reel games called Millionaire Club. There are several jackpots in these games and the jackpot is raised periodically. Each game in the Millionaire Club series gives players an opportunity to determine how much they want to bid. Jackpots increase when players bid higher or nobody wins for a few games.

VIP Casino has been running jackpot games for 12 years. Millionaire Club remains one of their most popular. Players have been giving wagers, but have not won anything for a while. The game has been slowly edging up. At this moment, it is at nearly $655,000.

How high will this jackpot go? Will it reach $1 million? Will some lucky soul get the chance to cash out tomorrow?

The unprecedented jackpot is big news for VIP Casino. They expect gamers will glock to the casino to stake their claim. The jackpot continues to grow by the day, but every winner knows they could claim it all.

Why Hasn’t Anyone Won Yet?

Millionaire Club is essentially an online slot machine. There are a few key differences between VIP’s setup and those found in a traditional casino:

1. You choose your bets. In a traditional casino, you have to bet the same amount every time you use a machine. In Millionaire Club, you can decide how much you want to bet each time you play. The virtual slot machines allows you to select a bid amount up to $20.

2. Multiple lines. The game allows the player to select anywhere from 1 to 9 lines each time they play. Obviously, the probability of winning decreases with more lines. Players receive a better prize if they win after selecting multiple lines.

3. Number of reels. Most of the games involve involve five reels with different symbols. Some casinos still use machines with three reels. This means there are more possible combinations in Millionaire Club than many other casinos.

The odds of winning a game at Millionaire Club can be less than one in a million, depending on what you play. The default jackpot is $175,000.

Other Progressive Jackpot Games Have Higher Jackpots

Millionaire Club is the most popular progressive jackpot game offered by VIP Casino. However, they have offered a few other games that have been pretty popular as well. These include Triple Olives and Shoot O’Rama.

Although most of these games are spin-offs of slot machines in traditional casinos, the concept has inspired progressive jackpot games based of other games as well. Carribean Stud Poker and BlackJack are also popular. The jackpots on these games have been increasing as well. Progressive Blackjack now has a jackpot of over $100,000.

Clearly, progressive jackpot games are popular in online casinos. Will the jackpots continue to grow in the coming weeks?

Time to Cash in?

Some gamers might be timing their moves. They seem to be betting that the jackpot may grow to $1 million. As the jackpot continues to grow, the chances someone else will win increase. Anyone interested in winning with Millionaire Club should probably make their move now. Someone is bound to win. Who will it be?