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Victor Chandler Offers Lucrative Affiliate Promotions for Euro 2008

With one of the biggest events in European football underway, sportsbook Victor Chandler is offering its affiliates lucrative opportunities to cash in on the hype.

MONTREAL, QC. June 16, 2008 – Affiliate marketers in the gaming vertical are being offered a chance to profit from all the hype surrounding Euro 2008. Victor Chandler, an Income Access white label software partner, has set up three different promotions to induce players to bet on Euro 2008 games. These promotions feature either reduce risks or  better odds, and thereby help affiliates refer new players and earn commissions more easily.


“Euro 2008 represents a great opportunity for both operators and their affiliates,” said Nicky Senyard, CEO of Income Access. “Football fans renowned for the passion and support they show for their teams, and that enthusiasm often extends to online betting. This makes it much easier for affiliates to refer players, and conversions on those referrals tend to be above average.”


Powered by the Income Access affiliate marketing software, the Victor Chandler affiliate program allows affiliate to make money by referring players. This software provides Victor Chandler with the unparalleled metrics they need to optimize their marketing campaign.


For the Euro 2008 event, Victor Chandler is offering three different promotions to players. Affiliates can advertise these promotions on their sites, and receive commissions for the players that they refer. To promote these events, moreover, affiliates have access to geo-targeted banners that feature their currency and language, and directs them to landing pages in that language.


The 1st Scorer – 2nd Chance promotion gives players to recoup a lost wager. If a player bets on who will score the first goal in a match but is wrong, and that person scores later on in the game, Victor Chandler will refund that wager as a free bet.


Another promotion called Money for Nothing also gives players a chance to recoup their lost wager. If the player place a bet on the correct score of a match, first scorer in a match, or the double result (correct score at half-time and then full-time) and that match then ends up as a 0-0 tie after 90 minutes plus time added, Victor Chandler l will refund that stake as a free bet.


Victor Chandler is also offering players better odds on all matches throughout Euro 2008. Specifically, players can benefit from an All Games Bet at 104% promotion. For players, this means a lower than average service charge (more often 110%) for having their bet process by Victor Chandler.


The Victor Chandler affiliate program is powered by Income Access’ affiliate marketing software. Offering unmatched analytics on campaign performance, this software gives both operators and affiliates the intelligence they need to maximize their marketing campaigns.


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