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Using Meetup for Profit

Your playboy status as a gaming affiliate and business owner already makes you wildly interesting to the average 9-to-5er but did you know you could take that business swagger to local meetups for profit?
Now’s the time to step away from your computer and into the social circles, using Meetup, to build awareness (and a few sales) for your gaming affiliate business.
What is Meetup?
The last thing you probably want to do is get away from your business and hang out with semi-odd people in your area; after all, there could be women there – awkward! But Meetup removes the hassle of random encounters because it’s an online platform where you can find people interested in your same hobbies and activities, get to know one another and schedule local events. In terms of your gaming affiliate business, you can use these opportunities of meeting in-person as a way to drive new sales to your business because you will definitely be the topic of interest when meeting people; you are making bank after all.
Three Ways for Using Meetup for Profit
The last few years have been rough on gambling affiliates; many online poker websites’ revenues have dropped and this has begun to spread to casino, bingo and blackjack related sites – it’s a trend that will continue due to the tough decisions and laws passed by many governments. For this reason, it’s important to begin looking for other areas where you could get people interested in your gambling affiliate business hence: Meetup.
Spread the Word – What better way to build awareness to your gambling affiliate business than to tell people face-to-face. Give people an interesting conversation in real life and they are bound to jump online and share what you’re doing; this is the idea behind viral marketing.
Understand your Market – The Internet is an incredible tool for understanding your target audience and community but people are far more vocal when you can meet in person around a few cocktails. Hosting or joining a Meetup could let you go out, gamble a bit and hear others spill their secrets about what they want which could help you build a better business and market to these people correctly.
Build Potential Partnerships – A quick search will reveal dozens of gambling-related groups on Meetup; these are real people that are interested in the games you are playing and promoting. Being able to sit across from someone, play a game and talk about your affiliate program could bring up an interesting discussion where you could evaluate potential partnerships.
Consider a Meetup to be like any other time “hanging out with the guys;” you could get out of the house, away from the computer and interact with the same type of people that would be highly interested in joining up with your affiliate program because they’re out to get money just as much as you are. If anything, Meetup is a great tool for business research but you could certainly get a lot more value from the platform if you went to the local events.
Some affiliates are already in the know about industry Meetups, and you can always use our Forums to create a Meetup in your area! Check out others who have done it here.