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US Open Tennis Betting: Bigger Than You Think

When August rolls around, most sportsbook affiliates are so busy preparing for the upcoming NFL and college football seasons that the US Open tennis tournament (August 27-September 9) barely rates a mention.

Bad move.

Outside of North America, especially in the UK, tennis wagering is an absolutely huge business. Even tennis matches that don’t get much play in the media can draw tens of millions in wagering action. Big matches like the US Open draw action that’s comparable to

According to a blog post on titled, Why Tennis is Big Business for Bookmakers, British punter drop millions of Pounds on almost every tennis match that’s played.

Taking Advantage of In-Play Betting

Not only are they wagering huge amounts, a good chunk of that action comes from in-play betting. Peter Webb, the author of the post, says that tennis is uniquely suited for in-play wagering:

The reason for this…is tennis’ rather odd scoring system, which lends itself to dramatic changes in fortunes and therefore swings in the odds. People bet on the volatility of the odds during the match and profit as a result without having to wait for the end of the match or the final result.

Webb goes on to say that as much as 80% of the amount bet on a single tennis match comes from in-play betting. That’s great news for sportsbook affiliates looking to promote live betting bonuses to their players.

Anytime you hear terms like volatility you know that the sport is also a good fit for betting exchanges like BetFair. Webb points out that many in-play bettors are very familiar with how certain players ebb and flow through a tournament. That means they can pounce on good values when they see them.

Handicapping Tennis

Spend a little time on the tennis handicapping forums on sports betting sites like SBR Forums and you’ll quickly realize that tennis bettors are a pretty sophisticated bunch. In fact, some of their statistical models are so advanced, you’ll wish you’d paid bettor attention in math class.

For affiliate partners, the US Open, and practically every other tennis match, is a good opportunity to snag some sophisticated, high end bettors.

US Open Affiliate Promotions

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