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Understanding iGaming Software Choices

Gaming software can make a huge impact on an affiliate’s bottom line. Simply put, some software will result in a higher rate of player conversions than others. Understanding software choices out there and how they affect player retention and value is important for any affiliate to understand.
Some affiliates will only work with operators using Microgaming software. Microgaming has been proving its iGaming software to numerous clients since 1994. They are an old and trusted brand.
Microgaming’s experience in the gaming market lends them an advantage in understanding what players want. They know how to create software products that will convert with players and promote strong player retention. Microgaming is also aggressive about forging licenses with mainstream media producers to create custom themed casino games. For example, their ‘The Dark Knight’ online slot game enabled them to shine with relevancy this summer.
Perhaps most appealing to affiliates is the wide range of operators that use Microgaming’s software. This enables affiliates to promote a variety of different brands and gaming niches without departing from their core trusted software group.
One significant criticism of Microgaming is that they do not convert particularly well among poker players due to their relatively small network; most poker players prefer to play at PokerStars (and soon Full Tilt Poker) due to the larger prize pools.
Realtime Gaming (RTG)
Another heavily-promoted iGaming software brand is Realtime Gaming (RTG). The numerous casino brands in the Affiliate Edge family run on RTG’s software.
More than 300 online slot games including several progressive jackpots over $1,000,000 help make RTG a popular software choice in iGaming. However, some affiliates have recently noticed that RTG’s software is tripping anti-virus scans ran using Avast. An affiliate on Affiliate Guard Dog suggested this could be the reason behind his diminished conversion statistics with RTG this summer.
RTG has a great reputation among affiliates for their high-quality back-end management system. Efficient back-end systems are important to affiliates managing multiple affiliate programs.
For poker promoters, RTG unfortunately does not operate an online poker network.
CTXM has recently gained substantial market share due to the success of the Merge Poker Network which has become one of the best programs for U.S. players following the Black Friday indictments on the major poker operators.
The casino brands under Mojo Affiliates enable affiliates to promote the best of CTXM (their poker providers) along with operators working off of other platforms including Microgaming. Affiliates can promote the best poker, casino and sports-book platforms under the umbrella of a single brand.
Latvia-based CTXM also has a suite of “mini-games” which promote player retention by employing a simple user interface through which players can access a variety of different table and slot games. Affiliates have noticed increased revenues from CTXM since this interface was released.
Income Access
With so many fine iGaming software choices out there, it is not uncommon for affiliates to find themselves with the conundrum of having too many different programs to promote. Managing multiple programs requires a lot of organization and can frequently become a hassle. Income Access enables affiliates to promote dozens of different iGaming software platforms from a single back-end management system.
Affiliates can use Income Access 100% free of charge. The company makes money by processing payments on behalf of affiliate programs. Their free software enables affiliates to sync their affiliate accounts from more than 22,000 different gaming affiliates onto a single platform.
When it comes to promoting multiple iGaming software interfaces, there is no substitute for Income Access to make the job faster and more efficient.