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UB Puts Thousands on the Table with "Show Up, Get Paid" WSOP Promo

July 9, 2010 (CAP PR Wire) – As expected, this year’s World Series of Poker (WSOP) is turning out to be, in terms of media coverage and Main Event grand prize, the biggest yet.

“Here’s one thing I’ve noticed about the 2010 World Series of Poker–there’s more media here than ever before,” blogs’s Gene Bromberg. “So not only are there more players at the World Series of Poker than ever before, there’s more interest in news and information as well.” That’s good news for poker affiliates counting on WSOP excitement to drive traffic to their poker affiliate sites.

Speaking of, the poker room has confirmed the following details of its ‘Show Up, Get Paid’ promotion, which was open to all online qualifiers:
* Total players that qualified = 51
* Total progressive prize pool = 51 x $5000 = $255,000!!!
* Minimum each player is guaranteed = $5000 x 75% = $3,750
* Remaining 25% of the pool for players who cash in the main event = $63,750
* Number of UB qualifiers who made it to Day 2 = 35!!!
* If no qualifiers cash in the main event, each will receive = $5,000

These numbers will hold if no one breaks UB’s contract by wearing other gear, making other deals, etc.

“The main message we want to convey is that these players won a seat on UB, all they had to do was show up in Las Vegas, play in the main event wearing the cool UB gear, and they automatically collect their MIN BONUS of $3,750,” a company spokesperson stated.

“And from now, each day becomes more important for us at the WSOP as UB qualifiers and UB pros get deeper in the main event. We’ll keep you posted on their progress.” has also kept the media updated on how its Team UB Pros are doing in Vegas. The chip counts are their Day 1 closing counts.
Day 1A       Tiffany Michelle     12,950
Matt Graham         58,450
Day 1B      Brandon Cantu       65,025
Day 1C      Annie Duke              62,000
Billy Kopp                 107,800
Bryan Devonshire   19,725
Adam Levy               54,425
Eric Baldwin            44,675
Hollywood Dave     30,650
Day 1D      Trishelle Cannatella (Absolute Poker)  14,200
Michael Binger      62,250

“Thanks for all your support, and as a small token of our appreciation, our Phil Hellmuth Hospitality Suite  (Brasilia 5) will remain open from 11am-5pm on Sunday, July 11th during the WSOP Media Tournament at the RIO. Come stop by to recharge your batteries and say hi,” the company adds.

Click here for details on the and Absolute Poker affiliate programs.

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