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Twitter Ad Revenues Set to Triple – What Does It Mean for iGaming?

Twitter’s advertising revenues could triple over the next few years to reach an astounding $514 million dollars. That’s the prediction being made in a report by the research firm EMarketer. While that’s great news for Twitter, it may not be such great news for iGaming affiliates and free speech advocates.

Room to Grow

Right now, Twitter’s ad revenues hover right around the $140 million mark and accounts for a bulk of the company’s revenues. As impressive as that number is for a social media company, many observers think that Twitter is just scratching the surface of potential revenues.

As more and more businesses integrate Twitter into their marketing plans, there’s a good chance that they’ll be more receptive to spending advertising dollars on social media. Paid Tweets are a fairly low key advertising medium that’s finding its way into the mainstream. Twitter executives have also made no secret of their desire to more aggressively market the the service as an advertising medium.

Social media watchers also note that Twitter has plenty of potential to grow its user base because around 90% of the company’s current advertising revenue is generated from American companies.

International Growth

Getting a handle on exactly how people are using Twitter is tough because the company keeps a lot of information pretty close to the vest. It’s believed that there are around 500 million registered Twitter users and around 100 million or so were considered active users. The vast majority of those users are Americans.

It’s safe to say that Twitter will also be expanding its overseas marketing efforts in order to grab more of the international audience. International expansion is not, however, as simple as it might seem.

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Twitter and Censorship

Twitter executives have acknowledged that expanding to international markets may involve some severe limits on free speech. Earlier this year the company made waves with free speech advocates by announcing that it would be censoring content in certain countries.

The company uses the example of pro-Nazi speech that’s banned in countries like France, but it’s not tough to see how that policy could be applied to gambling-related Tweets, too. Twitter is quick to point out that censored Tweets would still be available to international audiences.

Gambling issues haven’t been a problem on Twitter and there’s no indication that they will. A Twitter feed is a great tool for reaching out to customers and keeping track of industry trends…for now.

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