Tour de France Content and Promotion Tips

With nearly 200 riders competing in daily stages over a three-week period, the Tour de France offers an incredible array of betting options, and conversion opportunities, for sportsbook affiliates.  It’s one of the sporting world’s most grueling athletic accomplishments and draws a massive global audience.

Tour betting is very popular in Europe, especially in countries like France and Belgium, but hasn’t really caught fire in the United States yet.

That’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of American cycling enthusiasts, there are. Versus and NBC offer extensive daily coverage that’s viewed by millions of stateside Tour fanatics. This large, diverse crowd is prime territory for gaming conversion.

Crossover Content

Tour time is a good time for sportsbook affiliates to engage in a little crossover guest blogging. There’s no reason why a knowledgeable sports handicapper, or freelancer, couldn’t approach a popular biking blog with a guest blogging offer. Titles like, Tour de France, a Bettor’s Perspective could be very appealing to crossover audiences.

If you’re targeting more experienced bettors, you might want to consider focusing your content efforts on the huge array of unique Tour de France proposition bets. Remember, every day of the Tour classification jerseys are awarded to riders in the following categories:

  • Overall Leader – The tour’s top rider gets to wear the Yellow jersey as long as he’s in the lead.
  • Points Classification – A rider leading in points is awarded the Green jersey.
  • King of the Mountains – Coming in on top of the grueling Mountain stages earns a white jersey with red polka dots.

Tracking these categories on a daily basis with a sprinkling of analysis could help draw new readers to your site who, hopefully, will stick around to bet in the future. Content like this could easily be turned into the kind of infographic that drive lots of traffic on social media, especially Pinterest.

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Tour de France Affiliate Promotions

Betfair Sports – Betfair’s unique betting exchange model operates like a commodities exchange and is an interesting alternative to traditional sports books. It’s a good way to market to players who are looking for something different in their wagering habits. Players can take advantage of several sign-up bonuses and Betfair does offer 20% cash back on some mobile app bets. For affiliate partners, the company offers a $200 welcome bonus (subject to restrictions) and 35% revenue share.

Betting Partners – Name brand recognition is a major plus when you’re trying to land new players. That makes the Bodog family of gaming sites a good selection for Tour de France promotions. Bodog offers new players up to s $200 deposit bonus. They’re also a site that produces a huge amount of content that’s very appealing to bettors. Affilliate partners can earn up to a 35% revenue share for the first 60 days. (Drinks with Calvin Ayre not included.)

BetAmerica – Billing themselves as, “Legal, U.S. licensed, based and regulated,” this outfit accepts most American players (but no Canadians). Punters can take advantage of a 3% rebate on bets, as well as other deposit offers. Affiliate partners can receive $50 for every wagering player they send to the site.