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Best Affiliate Programs for US: US Regulation Tip #2

The ball continues to be pushed up the hill for regulated online gaming in the U.S. as multiple states attempt to capitalize with their own forms of legislation absent any competition from the federal government. Affiliates will need to be ready as this new regulated market staggers its way online.

One aspect of preparing for US regulation is knowing which programs are best to advertise for to American traffic.

The Best of Today

While you’re waiting on various governments within the United States to get their act together, don’t miss out on any revenues. These guys aren’t. Here are just a few of the top programs worth promoting during this era of prohibition:

  • Casinos. One of the most reputable and highest-paying casino mega-affiliates with brands servicing US players is Affiliate Edge. They offer a 40% standard revenue share deal to affiliates following an introductory rate of 50% for conversions made within the first two months after signing up. Among the brands under the Affiliate Edge umbrella include Club World Casino considered one of the top U.S. facing casinos.
  • Sports-Betting. If you advertise to the litany of Americans who like to bet on sports, Intertops is one of the most trust-worthy brands in an otherwise erratic market of operators. Sports-bettors want to be sure they’ll be paid. Give them all the assurance you can by advertising for brands with a a reputable track record.
  • Poker. US poker players are having a rough go of finding sites to play at that they can trust. Between the issues of minimal player liquidity and payout woes, anyone serious about online poker in the U.S. long ago left the country in order to play. However, one brand has emerged as the “go-to” site for online poker in the U.S. since Black Friday and that is the Australian-based Merge Network. The largest skin on this network is Carbon Poker which is one of three Merge Network poker brands under the ChipSplit Affiliate program.

The Best of Tomorrow

Looking to the future, which iGaming brands will offer the best programs for affiliates advertising to US traffic? The theme for the future is to align yourself with the big guys.

When regulation hits the US, there will be too much money at stake for smaller outfits to stand much of a chance competing with the massive, publicly-traded entities in the gaming industry. This will require an immediate change in focus from the current status quo in which there are no mega brands to advertise to Americans.

The programs worth promoting in the future can be broken down into two categories:

1. iGaming powerhouses. Big brands like Betfair are already gearing up for capitalizing on US legislation. Other top brands like Bwin.Party and 888 Holdings have been waiting for their chance to re-enter the U.S. market since the day they voluntarily left following the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act.

These programs will be great for affiliates to work with for a couple of reasons. First, the companies will be desperate to be the first to meet players at the point of market entry as US residents begin to trickle back online. They’ll want plenty of affiliate exposure for this and will be willing to pay the price for the valued American customer. Second, affiliates can sleep like babies knowing they are advertising for established, trust-worthy programs who know what they’re doing.

2. Large casino companies. For the first time, large casino groups like Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts International will be able to get their hands directly on the iGaming pie. While there’s no precedent to enable one to know for sure, these groups will probably have affiliate programs. The only reasons they for them not to would be if they held a (near) monopoly on the market or if iGaming regulation in the U.S. prohibited them from doing so. But it’s America. Liquor manufacturers can advertise on billboards to people driving down the road. Affiliates will probably get their chance to advertise for the iGaming programs of major casino groups.