Top three reasons to build an online bingo affiliate site

It’s no secret that Internet bingo is one of the most powerful forces in online gambling today. In fact, even the most casual follower of online gambling news has probably heard the reports of how online bingo is quickly becoming an online gaming niche to rival Internet poker.
The numbers
The numbers clarify that, while online poker isn’t in any immediate danger from online bingo, online bingo is a popular search term without a lot of competition.
Overall, on a global scale, Internet bingo revenue has risen more than 20 percent in 2009 and 2010 (projection), “totaling about $1.3 billion by the end of 2009 and $1.6 billion in 2010,” per Bloomberg.
Sure, those numbers don’t quite stack up to online poker’s estimated $25 billion in global revenue. But few things can match online poker’s popularity. On the other hand, Internet poker growth has leveled off in recent years, while online bingo continues to grow at an impressive rate.
“’Online bingo should not be smaller than online poker’ in five years,” 888 CEO Givi Levy predicted in the Bloomberg article. Levy observed that bingo is becoming especially popular in countries like Spain and Italy, where online gambling regulation is just getting underway.
Though the industry was at its strongest in 2009, when most online casino operators were reporting incredible growth — such as the amazing prediction of 50 percent growth at William Hill bingo, as reported in the same Bloomberg article.
Viva variety
It’s no surprise then that, given this surge in popularity, many new online bingo sites have sprung up over the past several years.
Many of the leading online bingo sites are part of larger, internationally known online casino gaming networks, such as PartyGaming’s Party Bingo or 888’s  And many, many more independent online bingo rooms have opened up throughout the Internet in the past few years, with varying degrees of popularity and success.
Put it all together, and you can see why online bingo affiliate marketing is the smart niche for online casino affiliates to enter.
Reason #1: Growing popularity
As seen above, online bingo is growing quickly, and of all the “niche” gaming options, it’s proved to be the most popular and searched-for.
Reason #2: Relatively low competition
Now, take those impressive industry numbers outlined above and apply the fact that not nearly as many bingo affiliates exist as poker affiliates and casino affiliates. That means a more open playing field, and much more room for you to grow a business, as compared to the rest of the online gaming market.
As ascertained by Google’s keyword tool in early March, 2011, the keyword “bingo” has 6.1 million monthly searches and is described as “low” competition. By way of comparison, “poker” has 24.9 million global monthly searches.
So, even though online poker is roughly 25 times the size of online bingo in terms of industry revenue, it’s only about four times more popular in online searches. That means that proportionally, given the size of the industry, more people are searching for bingo than for poker. And that means much more room for opportunity for bingo affiliates.
Reason #3: Niche potential
As mentioned above, a glut of independent online bingo sites have sprung up over the past several years to accommodate online bingo as a growing niche. (For the benefits of creating new online gaming niches, and an intro to scaling your affiliate marketing business, check out this recent CAP article.)
Above and beyond bingo’s basic niche factor, there are several high-profile sites that offer even more specialized niches for the game. The website is a perfect example of this: a niche site that caters to women and emphasizes bingo gaming almost exclusively.
Okay, so maybe bingo isn’t your thing. But even so, it’s worth considering. If you’re of the mentality that bingo is, per the popular perception, an old person’s game, it’s time to rethink — and to realize that, if you’re able to get over that stigma, there’s no shortage of opportunities in the online bingo market space.
Armed with the above data, and with the wide variety of bingo affiliate programs available via’s listed affiliate partners, the sky’s the limit when it comes to bingo affiliate marketing opportunities.
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