4 SEO Plugins Every iGaming Affiliate Should Know About

What is the set of plugins an advanced iGaming affiliate should absolutely know about? Preferably, some SEO plugins.

SEO is often the essential element for an iGaming affiliate website. Quite simply, that’s because in most cases good SEO equals free traffic, and free traffic equals sales and commissions.

Even though big part of SEO happens outside of your site (off-page SEO) there still are some tasks you need to take care of within your WordPress site, and that’s where some SEO plugins come into play.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is the ultimate SEO plugin of today. Actually, it combines the features of a handful of other plugins, all in one place. The best part – the plugin is free.

Some of the features are: snippet previews of your posts and the way they’re going to look like in the search engines, page analysis tools, the possibility to set titles and meta descriptions of your content, XML sitemaps, .htaccess and robots.txt files tuning, indexation settings (what should and shouldn’t get indexed), import and export functionality (import data from other SEO plugins).

All in One SEO Pack

Yes, the famous All in One SEO Pack plugin. This is probably the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress, and not without a reason.

Some of the important features: Google Analytics support, advanced canonical URLs, page navigation links tuning, automatic title optimization, automatic meta tag generation, handling duplicate content issues, ready to work out-of-the-box (no initial setting up required), backward-compatibility.


The first premium plugin on this list (the basic license is $47 – one site; multisite license is $97). SEOPressor is much more than just a simple title-tag optimization plugin… It actually goes through your content, processes it, and includes some SEO optimizations automatically.

Among other things it can automatically bold, “italize” and underline your keywords, include alt=”keyword” to optimize your images, and it also provides intelligent SEO guidelines – SEOPressor analyzes your content and gives suggestions on what can be improved.


Learn how SEOPressor can boost your SEO efforts here.

SEO Smart Links


This plugin automatically enhances your SEO by interlinking your posts. In layman’s terms, this means that the plugin decides what should be linked to what by itself.

It also allows you to control your affiliate links, redirections, and other technical aspects of on-page SEO. Let the popularity of SEO Smart Links speak for itself – more than 300,000 downloads done to this date.

Is there any SEO plugin you’d like to add to this list?