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Top 10 September Gambling Quotes

John McCain at work on the Senate floor.

The gambling industry is full of folks who like to talk and that made for some very quotable quotes this month. Here are a few of the top words of wisdom from the industry’s movers and shakers.
1. There is a sense of community and sharing and entertainment that happens inside a casino that you cannot replicate online. Most people want to interact with other humans. That’s never going away.LoCaid, CEO, Rip Gerber on why igaming isn’t a threat to land-based casinos.
2. In a market the size of Nevada, we probably feel that we don’t need to share liquidity. – Caesars Interactive CEO, Mitch Garber speaking on his company’s future plans for regulated online poker.
3. We’re very big supporters of shared liquidity. Nevada will have a healthy business on its own. I think it’s in everybody’s interest at the end of the day that there be compacts among states and that there be shared liquidity. – Caesars Interactive CEO, Mitch Garber speaking on his company’s future plans for regulated online poker.
4. We love football but it needs a kick up the arse. In most other areas of life people can be open about their sexuality and it’s time for football to take a stand and show players it doesn’t matter what team they play for. – Irish bookmaker Paddy Power’s new campaign touting tolerance in professional soccer.
5. Let them know that this is something you want and that online poker is fully regulated and legal in the state of Nevada. If the credit card issuer will still not let you make this transaction, you may want to try a different card. – reps on what to do if your credit card company decides online poker is still illegal.
6. Caught playing iPhone game at 3+ hour Senate hearing – worst of all I lost! – Tweet from US Senator John McCain.
7. “Yes, we shouldn’t expect our Senators to pay attention for 3 whole hours. It’s just bombing another country, after all! – Tweet from US astronomer, Phil Plait.
8. Americans account for nearly 10 percent of the global online gaming marketplace at a time when the business is illegal in all but three American states. It is past time for policymakers to put necessary safeguards in place. American Gaming Association President and CEO, Geoff Freeman.
9. Make sure you leave your Laptop’s at home for this trip and enjoy some live action.TwoPlusTwo Forum Poster, Ace King reacting to news that poker professionals’ laptops had been hacked at a tournament in Barcelona.
10. Odds are we won’t see as much late action coming in on the Sunday Night game since so many gamblers lost everything early on. – Don Shapiro, describing how sportsbooks came out on top in a big way on Week 3 NFL games.