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Tips and Tricks to Increase Visitors and Conversions [RECORDING AVAILABLE]

The full recording of “Tips and Tricks to Increase Visitors and Conversions.”
Once you’ve earned the click and have a visitor on your site, how do you most effectively convince them to sign up for your iGaming offers? Raising Click Through Rates is fine, but raising conversion rates is way better.
In our previously recorded webinar, available via YouTube above, Alex Moss of FireCask will cover how you can improve your site to attract more visitors using a combination of content and social structured data, as well as increasing your conversion rate by improving the user experience.
Alex covered:

  • Achievable strategies to increase your conversion rates
  • Mistakes to avoid that destroy your conversion rate
  • How to keep customers without wasting ad spend.
  • Mistakes iGaming affiliates make to ruin their conversion rates
  • Simple, practical solutions they can use to boost your conversion rate
  • Real world case studies illustrating what’s possible
  • A replicable process to help you achieve the same
  • And more!

Watch the recording above!!!