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The Most Controversial Marketing Techniques of All Time

Internet marketing and affiliate marketing have been around with us for quite a while. During that time, a lot of marketing techniques have sprouted up. Some effective, others not. Some quite common, others a bit more controversial.
The last group is what we’re going to cover in today’s post. So, what are the top 10 controversial marketing campaigns and methods and do they actually work?
1. Scarcity

The idea behind scarcity is that the resource you’re promoting is portrayed as being a limited one, while, at the same time, the audience is portrayed as seemingly unlimited in size.
In theory, people want what other people can’t get. As a result, whenever there’s a limited amount of something, people are ready to go through a lot to get it.
In practice, it’s exactly the same. Scarcity works and it works like gangbusters.
However, be careful because it’s quite easy to start creating fake scarcity. Like, for example, saying that there’s a limited number of some PDF file. Your audience will very likely see through your plan and call you on it.