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Online Gambling To Be Legal in Switzerland?

January 12, 2010 (CAP Newswire) — Positioning itself to join many other European nations in liberalizing its online gambling laws, reports suggest that Switzerland is preparing to fully legalize its Internet gambling and online casino market.

According to the Dow Jones Wealth Bulletin, the action, if successful, could “provide an important role model [for] other countries seeking to open up the sector.”

Switzerland is apparently attempting to follow in the footsteps of countries like France and some of its other EU neighbors by more fully legalizing online gambling within its borders. Although it isn’t part of the European Union, the country is an extremely influential presence in Europe, and its actions here will likely have an impact on other counties in the region.

“While most EU countries focus their liberalisation plans on the online betting and poker segments, like France, Switzerland focuses on opening up the online casino segment, usually neglected in liberalisation plans,” writes Tara Loader Wilkinson in the Dow Jones Wealth Bulletin.

The Dow Jones story also speculates that Switzerland’s legalization attempts will also include online poker. Click here to read the entire story.