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iGaming Superstars from Latin America

iGaming in Latin America was once virtually non-existent. However, as more and more residents of these areas gain Internet access, online gaming is beginning to take off in these regions. Some affiliates have been ahead of the curve and are currently cashing in on their marketing efforts towards Latin American players. Here are five such Latin American affiliate success stories:
1. Maximiliano De Muro

Maximiliano De Muro entered iGaming a decade ago by creating the affiliate network headquartered at The Uruguayan helped grow the network of affiliate sites which include and into an affiliate’s dream capturing millions of unique visits per year. The former such site has tapped into the power of social media accumulating more than 10,000 “Likes” on Facebook. and its approximately 600 affiliate sites was sold in 2009 to CMedia for an undisclosed sum. Currently, Maximiliano enjoys training for mixed martial arts. He gave a speech at TEDxMontevideo about Uruguayan entrepreneurs and the importance of courage in business.