Best Summer Conferences & Meetups

Barcelona Affiliate Conference


When: 11-14 October 2012.

Where: Barcelona, Spain.

BAC is a great occasion for affiliates and affiliate program managers to meet and network. The previous edition attracted over 1600 attendees, and this year’s result will surely be similar.

The organizers already expect to host more than 70 exhibitors, and over 100 affiliate programs. The list of speakers is quite impressive too, with 12 names already on it.

At the conference you will be able to learn things like: how to improve your business strategy, how to get better conversion rates, how to build proper SEO, how to use social media effectively.

The event aims at providing a relaxed atmosphere, which is always better for networking and meeting new business partners. There’s even a custom mobile app available that will help you plan your event and get the most out of it.Here’s a quick roundup of the 5 best conferences and meetups for the iGaming and affiliate industry this summer.