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How To Fight Online Casino Spam

spamIt’s 2012, and some people still believe that spam is a viable marketing method. Of course it is … if you want to send 1 million messages to have one person take you up on the affiliate offer you promote. This isn’t an impressive conversion rate, however. Not to mention the ethics of the whole thing.
First of all, spam is as present in the casino affiliate world as it is in any other area of online marketing, so if you haven’t experienced it yourself … you’re in luck.
The main definition of spam is that it’s a message that was not requested by the recipient, and it’s extremely generic in nature, which makes it possible to be sent to thousands of people at the same time.
The sole fact that the message is so generic, and that the recipients are not targeted at all, explains why spam has such a poor conversion rate.
Here are three ways on how you can help to fight spam:
1. Don’t Partake in Spam
This is the first and most obvious thing to do. Don’t use any marketing techniques that can be seen as spam.
Spam impacts the market as a whole. If there’s too much spam circulating, the overall image of the market gets hit hard, and it becomes significantly more difficult for anyone to build any initial credibility with a new affiliate site.
Whenever you launch a new campaign make sure to get your prospects’ data the right way. Don’t buy it. The only reliable contact info is the info you gather yourself.
2. Report Spam
Every time when you gen a spam message yourself, make sure to report it to your ISP. Or go to and report it there.
(Your ISP should provide some instructions on how to do this effectively.)
Reporting spam really works. If there are enough complaints, a spamming server can be shut down completely.
3. Report Spammers to Your Affiliate Managers
This is something you have be careful with. Even though spam is banned in every quality affiliate network, telling on someone who uses it can backfire.
However, if you stumble upon someone who does not adhere to the rules and creates bad publicity for the program itself, making it harder for you to promote, then consider reporting this to your affiliate manager.
Should you have any second thoughts when doing this? No, the less spammers, the better.