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Spanish gambling regulators ready to end sports sponsorships and bonuses

Spanish gambling operators are facing a host of new regulations that will make doing business extremely difficult. Among the new regulations being proposed by Spanish gambling regulators are a ban on sports sponsorships, a ban on welcome bonuses, and some very strict rules on advertising. It’s yet another indication that running an online sportsbook or casino that services European or UK players is going to be very challenging over the next few years.

Earlier this week, the Spainish Ministry of Consumer Affairs issued a Royal Decree on gambling advertising that will likely become law in the country some time this year. Its first step in that process is getting approval from the European Commission. Given the overall sentiments toward regulating operators, that’s likely to be a slam dunk.

One of the chief elements of the new ruling would be a ban on gambling sponsorships of team jerseys. It would also eliminate naming rights for stadiums and sports leagues. To say that this move will cost Spanish sports organizations like La Liga, but also a wide variety of clubs down to the amateur level.

Welcome bonuses are also on the chopping block, according the Royal Decree. If passed, it would mandate that only players who have deposited more than three times in a month would be eligible for bonuses. In what appears to be an effort to protect problem gamblers (who would definitely be among those depositing that many times a month) bonuses would be capped at €100.

Regulators are also looking at limiting the advertising window for gambling operators to 1 a.m. – 5 a.m. (which would definitely capture the problem gambler audience).

In short, life is about to get a whole lot more complicated for Spanish licensees.