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Spain Wins World Cup

July 12, 2010 (CAP News Wire) – The biggest international sports betting event of all time — online and off — came down to a dramatic conclusion a few hours ago as Spain delivered a heartbreaking (but more or less predicted) knock-out blow to the Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup final.

Not a high scoring game — the only score was delivered in extra time by Andres Iniesta — but all the more tense for that, the World Cup victory was the first for Spain. (If the Dutch team had won, it would have been their first victory, as well.)

The Netherlands better-than-expected performance prior to the finale — it had shocked many by knocking out Brazil in an earlier round — only made the disappointment greater.

Still, a Spanish win was good news for the sports betting industry, as the payouts will be less than what they would have been had the Dutch won. And for sports betting affiliate marketers, the excitement and unpredictability of this year’s event could help buoy a surge in interest in online betting in general.

Despite some wild finishes and unpredictable outcomes over the course of the past month, though, the initial favorite to win is taking home the trophy. “Entering the tournament, Spain had the shortest odds to win at 4/1,” according to

“Spain had been best price 8/13 to win the trophy before the final while a goalless 90 minutes was on offer at a best price of 7/1,” adds “The draw in 90 minutes was a 12/5 chance and Spain to win in extra time was a 10/1 shot.” (The match was only four minutes away from being a draw when Iniesta scored.)

Prior to yesterday’s game, bwin had listed Spain’s odds had been listed at 1:50, while Netherlands were 2:60. Click here for details on the bwin online betting affiliate program. Details on other sports betting affiliate programs can be found here.