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Excellent Sources for Original Content Creation

It doesn’t matter if you have a web site, blog or run your own ad campaigns… having your preferred sources for content creation is a must!

The best content will usually come from what we write ourselves, but due to limited time and how much we can actually accomplish, this just always isn’t possible. For times like these there are actually some great content creation services out there that will allow you to have freelance writers or services provide you with content for little or no cost.

Not matter if you are paying for content with money, backlinks or through advertising deals, you will always want to focus on quality content that improves the end user experience.

The next time you are looking for original content for your web sites, blogs or ad campaigns, be sure to try the following sources.

Whether you are a writer or a content site owner, creating a free account at will allow you to connect with writers and site owners from all around the world. With an easy to use writing market place, all you need to do is click on the writing jobs you would like to complete for money, or post a new writing job that will open up to the thousands of active writers who are currently live on the site.

For anyone with a web site or blog with a PageRank 2 or higher, ContentBLVD might be your next favorite site for finding quality blog posts and content to add to your site. Sign up for a free account, browse through their article directory and request to use the article on your site. There is no cost to publish content on your site, and if you are a high quality writer, they will actually pay you for your written work.

Freelance Job Sites

Connecting people who specialize in different tasks has always been a mission in itself, but through the use of sites like oDesk, eLance and Freelancer, the concept has become a whole lot easier. Whether you are looking for writers, designers or programmers… you can post jobs on freelance job sites and find exactly who you are looking for and definitely within your budget.

Blogger Job Boards

If you’ve ever thought about bringing in your own writing team or simply wanted to add an additional writer or two, a job listing on a blogging job board might be the best idea. Through popular job boards like the one on ProBlogger, you can access thousands of writers who are looking for work, and only the ones who can relate with your job listing will apply.

When is the last time you wrote content for a web site, blog or even an ad campaign and thought about using it in a different language? Sure, you could use a tool like Google Translate, but the result still won’t come out the same way that people actually say and read it in real life. Use One Hour Translation for your content writing translations and you will see a huge difference.

No matter where you are looking to get your content from, it’s always important to make sure you focus on the quality. There are many services out there that are over charging, while there are also many people who are out of work and willing to write for much cheaper prices. You will need to find the in-between and proof read all content to make sure you continually provide your audience with only the best.

This post was written by Zac Johnson

To learn more about how to maximize revenue potential and build a successful blog, please visit my affiliate marketing blog at or follow me on Twitter @moneyreign.