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Software Update from Full Tilt Poker

October 19, 2009 (CAP Newswire) – Last week, worldwide online poker destination Full Tilt Poker released a new software update that added two player-focused features, “Run it Twice” and “Cashout Tournaments”.

Riding the popularity of certain TV programs, the “Run it Twice” option gives players the ability to gain two outcomes with just one hand. And the Cashout Tournaments give players the opportunity to "'cash out' some or all of their chips before a tournament has ended,” according to a news release issued by Full Tilt Poker.

So far, the updates are being received well. “Online players have watched in envy as their live analogues indulge in multiple turns and rivers, but Full Tilt has changed all that,” writes Joseph Owens at “Slipped in with the auto-post and auto-muck check boxes is a new Run It Twice selection. If two players with this box checked end up heads up all-in, then the remaining board cards will be run twice. This can occur at any point in the action, be it pre-flop, post-flop, or on the turn. As usual, the pot is split half for one board and half for the other. So far this is only available on certain NLHE, Omaha Hi, and HA tables in the Ivey’s Room section of Full Tilt. However, Full Tilt has confirmed that they expect it to be featured on more tables in the near future.”

“Other new additions include a yellow ‘T’ icon to indicate Super Turbo tournaments and the ability for the hand replayer to show folded cards in Stud games,” Owens adds.

Click here to read the original news release from Full Tilt Poker. Click here to read Owens’ review at And for details on the Full Tilt Poker affiliate program, click this link.