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Senate Internet Poker Argument

Reid and Kyl just can't get it done.

Will the Federal Government ever make headway on a definitive Internet Poker Bill? If a recent spat between Arizona and Nevada Senators is any indication, the answer is an emphatic no.

The brouhaha is reported in detail in a recent Las Vegas Sun article that should be required reading for affiliate partners looking at the US market.

On the surface, the issue is whether poker legislation should be introduced by the House or the Senate. But scratch the surface and you’ll find the kind of petty dispute that has paralyzed Washington in recent years.

Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) says he asked Senators John Kyl (R-Nevada) and Dean Heller (R-Nevada) to secure GOP Senate votes for a comprehensive Internet poker bill. After an unsuccessful effort to gain GOP support, Kyl punted to Congress, adding that his efforts were rushed.

In a letter to Reid, Ky said, “as discussed, it would be beneficial for the House of Representatives to first address this issue.”

Most poker industry lobbyists believe that iGaming legislation stands a better chance of passing if introduced in the Senate, rather than the more fragmented Congress. That may be a bit of wishful thinking. In recent years, both bodies have accomplished little in the way of serious legislation.

Do you think the Feds will ever move on Internet poker, or will they leave that to the states? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.