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RummyRoyal Announces Special Offline Tournament

Nicosia, Cyprus – April 1st, 2009 — After the success of their online rummy software, RummyRoyal ( has decided to take go offline for a special tournament taking place in London, England on April 20th, 2009.

The LTDKA Kalooki Event that takes place annually in a prestigious location in London, England is sponsored by RummyRoyal. RummyRoyal players living near the location will get a chance to compete for free entry to the competition and these players will be hand picked to join the exciting tournament by RummyRoyal.

Players competing in this tournament will get a chance to test their skills against some of the top British Kalooki players and win big cash prizes! RummyRoyal players living in the London area will all receive information and details about the tournament and be given the option to represent the site.

The Kalooki players playing in the event are considered fiercely experienced players and over 50 extremely skilled players are expected to play at this exciting London event. Kalooki is a traditional British game that is played in private clubs all over the UK and the world.  Since the launch of RummyRoyal’s software, the popularity of the game has been accelerating at great speeds, with thousands of British players as well as other international players playing in the application at any given time for real money.

The success of offline poker has paved the way for this tournament and many other offline Rummy tournaments to come. The offline Rummy tournament will be using the same great tournament format as offline Poker.

Players of RummyRoyal will receive another chance to compete offline in a Rummy tournament in May 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the World Series of Gin Rummy 2009 tournament. RummyRoyal is offering 2 all inclusive packages to the tournament including entry fee to the tournament itself to the top Oklahoma Gin players.

The growing popularity of RummyRoyal’s online software and the success of online Rummy games have made these exciting tournaments possible.