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Online Poker Effected by European Winter

January 30, 2010 (CAP Newswire) – In a recent article detailing the consolidation trends in the online casino and Internet poker industry, the financial website Investors Chronicle made the point that the online gambling industry is thriving at the moment because of the harsher-than-usual winters being experienced in Europe. (Much of North America is experiencing such weather, as well.)

“This winter has been extremely harsh, which forces punters indoors. Online gambling has been a beneficiary,” Geetanjali Sharma, leisure analyst at broker Noble, stated in the article. Sharma also made the point that this increase in online gaming had offset the negative impact from disruptions to the sporting calendar, “and that less unexpected football results had helped to restore margins across the sector to more normal levels.”

The article is an analysis of consolidation in the online gaming industry, centering around the continued talk about a possible merger between PartyGaming and bwin. Read it here.