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Proven Methods for Converting Players Into Depositors

A gaming affiliate’s first order of business is to get players signed up at the casinos you are promoting. To earn money, you eventually need these “free players” to turn into depositors.

It’s important to devote time to implementing methods that will help you convert players into depositors. The more success you have in this area the more money you will earn. It is just that simple.

There are several strategies you can employ to better your chance of success.

Gain Trust through High Quality Content

Anybody can throw together a website, add a few pages of content, slap on a couple of banners, and hope for the best. But is this really the best way to increase your click through rate? Will this give players what they need to make an informed decision?

When you gain the trust of your readers, through high quality content as well as other bits of useful information, you have a better chance of attracting visitors who will eventually convert into real money players.

In short, don’t make your website the same as every other affiliate. Show visitors that you really know your stuff.

Track Everything

Which casinos have a history of converting your referrals into depositors? If you don’t know the answer to this question you are not properly tracking traffic, conversions, and earnings.

With the help of programs such as Google Analytics you can learn a lot about your website, including where your traffic is coming from, how long visitors are sticking around, how they are leaving, and much more.

Additionally, keep a close eye on your affiliate program statistics. This will clearly show you how many click-throughs you are receiving as well as the number of players who are signing up. From there, you can drill even deeper to determine how many of these players are eventually depositing money.

Eventually, you will have a good idea of how many visitors you need to your site to gain one depositing player.

Regularly Tweak your Approach

If you consistently promote the same programs with the same banners in the same location, you should not expect to improve your conversion rate. It is essential to tweak your approach and strategy until you settle on something that is a proven winner. Even then, minor changes can go a long way in increasing the number of clicks and subsequent depositors.

You never know the intentions of a player until they find their way to the casino and sign up. By following the three tips above, you can better your chance of converting players into depositors.

What methods are you using to convert players into depositors? Discuss this topic in our affiliate tips forum.