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Player Wins Over €20,000 at Jackpot Games Casino

September 9, 2010 (CAP PR Wire) — Jackpot Games’ casino revealed details of its first big winner today, marking the company’s growth since its launch in April 2010. The Malta-based firm celebrated with the player after confirming the €20,000 win came from a single slot machine spin.

The lucky player, Miss N.R of London, hit €20,142 on the Devil’s Delight slot machine at around 4pm on August 20th, just half an hour after her first spin. She then went on to further wins on other slot machines after that. She was contacted immediately by the casino to confirm her win and to start the process of paying her. Her accomplishment is all the more remarkable for the fact it was her first ever visit to Jackpot Games casino, having made her first deposit just a few short minutes before winning. It was a truly lucky day for the player, as the casino reported her entire session had a payout percentage of over 215%.

Ramon Azzopardi, Jackpot Games CEO, commented, “Miss N.R’s experience at Jackpot Games goes to show the house doesn’t always win, and that these big single wins actually do happen. We would like to say a big congratulations to her again and wish her all the best for the future.”

Miss N.R was delighted with her win at Jackpot Games, saying “I’ve had such a wonderful time playing at your casino and I’m very excited about my win! We have now decided to take a big trip away over the winter and this truly has changed my life. Thank you Jackpot Games for giving me a lot more opportunities from now on!”

She went on to say that her “heart was racing” during her win, which was triggered by the Devil’s Delight free spins bonus, “All of a sudden all the screen lit up and I didn’t really know what was going on. I then looked at the balance and it said 20 odd thousand. I could not believe it! My heart was racing and I had to keep looking to see if it was still there.”

Azzopardi said, “Miss N.R’s experience at Jackpot Games is indicative of just how far our online casino has come in the first four months of operation. From receiving our first players to welcoming high rollers capable of such big wins demonstrates the appeal of the casino and the trust the casino has garnered among our players in such a short amount of time. We’re delighted with the progress and the promise it has shown and we’re confident of further growth and even bigger player wins soon.

Jackpot Games boasts over 85 instant play casino games, including 31 unique slot games, including the acclaimed Devil’s Delight — the machine behind this win. Miss N.R’s experience is all the more notable because in most online casinos such single wins are normally the preserve of dedicated casino games known as progressive jackpot slots. These contain a side pot where an element of each bet is placed, allowing the pot to grow to extraordinary amounts. With such progressive games as well as video slots like Devil’s Delight, big wins are sure to become a feature of Jackpot Games’ casino.

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About Jackpot Games
Jackpot Games is based in and licensed by the Government of Malta within the EU. It offers over 85 different casino games through NetEnt software and is independently audited for game fairness. The company supports responsible gaming and complies with local and international law.