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Phil Ivey Launches Poker App

Ivey's app offers access to instructional videos.

Phil Ivey, professional poker’s resident bad boy/genius, is launching a new poker app for mobile users.
The Ivey Poker App is a sort of mash up of a social casino and poker lesson series with plenty of opportunities for social interactions.
Ivey’s app is available for mobile users on both Android and iOS users, and to social users as a direct download from Facebook. It also includes a host of features that serious online poker players will love, such as the ability to simultaneously play multiple hands.
In a press release, Ivey described his inspiration for designing the app as follows:

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m one of the most passionate poker players on the planet. I’m on a mission to grow the global poker audience, and have developed the Ivey Poker App for both entertainment and educational purposes.

You don’t have to know Ivey personally to know that this statement skirts around the truth a bit. While poker education may indeed be one of Ivey’s interests, he’s a businessman first and foremost (and a pretty smart one at that).
Ivey knows how to play percentages as well as anyone on the planet, which is why he’s hitching his wagon to two trends that are skyrocketing; mobile apps and social gaming. If the Ivey Poker app is anywhere near as good as Ivey the poker player, it should do very well.