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Phil Ivey Fighting Casino for Millions

Phil Ivey is embroiled in another sticky situation this week as he battles a UK casino for £7.3 million he won playing Punto Blanco. The private casino has returned Ivey’s £1 million initial stake, but is withholding his winnings pending the outcome of an internal investigation.
So far, the eight-time WSOP winner has not been accused of any wrongdoing and investigators have turned up nothing unusual. What they did find unusual was Ivey’s incredible, two-night run on a game whose odds are just a little better than roulette.
Ivey got off to a rough start on his Punto Blanco run and, according to the Daily Mail, was down by as much as £500,000 before his fortunes turned. But by the time he stepped away that first night he was up around £2.3 million.
So what made Crockfords, the UK’s oldest private gambling club, suspicious? Not much really. Various reports have referred to Ivey’s companion that night, a “beautiful Oriental woman” who had been previously banned from other UK casinos. Despite some serious investigation, she’s not been accused of any wrongdoing.
Company investigators have also ruled out imperfections on the cards; the shoe; and the croupier in their search for trouble.
Ivey hasn’t commented on the situation, though he’s never had a reputation for being open with the media.
Is a multi-million Punto Blanco run like this possible? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.