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Performance Marketing Insider: Affiliates Need Love Too!

Performance Marketing Insider has called out affiliate managers in a story that highlights how oftentimes affiliates can be left out in the dark communication-wise.
The article notes that a majority of American smartphone users check their phone at least hourly, but how much time do affiliate managers spend communicating with their affiliates? Performance Marketing Insider has some stats that debunk the myth that affiliates don’t care to hear from their managers on a regular basis.
In a survey of 1,150 affiliates, 85% said they want to hear from their managers at least monthly. More than one-third of respondents said they prefer to hear from their affiliate managers on a weekly basis.
Also worth pointing out is the method most affiliates prefer to hear from their managers. Despite the immense popularity of social media, 62% of respondents said they prefer communication to come through email rather than Facebook or other social media platforms.
Performance Marketing Insider offered five tips for affiliate managers. Here is a brief summary of that advice:
1. Tailor communication to each individual’s needs. Some affiliates want to hear from you weekly while for others, monthly is sufficient.
2. Keep it simple. Not all correspondence with affiliates needs to be in the form of a complex newsletter you spent hours creating.
3. Be responsive. Address questions and concerns from affiliates within 24 hours.
4. Get personal. Even if you’re an affiliate manager with a thousand affiliates, take the extra moment to add a personal flare to your approach.
5. Network with affiliates. They could be your best source of info for industry trends, marketing ideas, and which blogs are best to subscribe to.