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PartyGaming's Backgammon Revolution?

March 25, 2010 (CAP Newswire) – PartyGaming’s recent entrance into the online backgammon market might seem routine enough — as one of the world’s leading Internet casino brands, the company is pretty much expected to offer all the various types of online gambling. 

But if there’s a brand that can infuse the relatively new online backgammon market with a sense of “cool” and turn it into a big-time moneymaker, PartyGaming is that brand. And if it accomplishes that, it could lead to an increase in popularity for the online gambling niche as a whole, too.

Witness PartyGaming’s recent success with its online bingo brand, which has been credited with helping the company stay profitable over the last year as its other niches, such as its Internet poker division, struggled to keep up. (The company has recently announced a new strategy designed to boost its flagging online poker brand.)

But don’t let the PartyPoker’s slightly lower performance in 2009 fool you: It’s still the third largest online poker room in the world. So even when it isn’t meeting expectations, PartyGaming can still deliver high traffic and brand popularity to all its forms of online gambling to online casino affiliates, even during a tumultuous year like 2009. 

Can PartyGaming bring this level of success to its backgammon venture? It’s early to tell, but the answer is: probably. For starters, backgammon already has a huge global popularity. It’s “an ancient game dating back an amazing 5,000 years,” writes Sharona B at Online Casino Reports.

“The modern game has its own forms of excitement that start at the point of registration,” Sharona continues, explaining PartyGaming’s take on Internet backgammon. “PartyGammon gives new players an attractive 50% match bonus on their first deposit. With regular tournaments and high rollers to keep up the momentum, Partygammon keeps the online skills games varied and the prize money flowing.

“One advantage of playing on the PartyGammon site is the integration of PartyGaming’s Poker, Party Casino and Bingo Site in the form of a single account and handy, common e-wallet.”

To read Sharona B’s original article at Online Casino Reports, click here. For details on the PartyGaming online gambling affiliate program, click here.