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ParadisePoker Tour London: December 12th & 13th 2009

December 16, 2009 (CAP PR Wire) — Georges Thome has won the inaugural ParadisePoker Tour London event at the Empire Casino scooping the £23,500 first place prize. The event, held at the prestigious Empire Casino on Leicester Square, was a sell out attracting 257 runners. 

Georges, who beat online qualifier Marek Viščak in a short heads up battle, said, "I’m delighted to win the first leg of the tour.  The structure and venue was excellent.  Paradise have certainly filled a gap in the market with a low buy-in tournament and structure you’d expect to find at one of the larger established tournaments.  I’m looking forward to the next one in Prague already and securing my place at the top of the tour leader board."

The tournament quickly reached the 250 player capacity. With late registration for alternate players until the third level, the final number of entrants stood at 257 leaving an impressive final prize pool of £128,500. The top 28 players were paid which included a deal struck among the final 4 players.

Bryan Carroll, Marketing Manager for ParadisePoker said ‘Player feedback has been great and everyone really liked the structure which we’d spent quite a long time perfecting. It was great to see the maximum number players enter for the inaugural event which confirms our belief that there was a gap in the market for a low buy in tournament with a great structure. I’m now really looking forward to the next event in Prague on February 27th & 28th. 

ParadisePoker Tour London Results
Place    Name    Country    Prize
1    Georges Thome    UK    £23,500
2    Marek Viščak    Czech Republic    £20,000
3    Andreas Georgeiou     UK    £18,000
4    Daniel Tafur    UK    £13,815
5    Andreas Kyprianou    UK    £8,325
6    Jayden Ravji    UK    £6,335
7    Johnny Jensen    Denmark     £4,810
8    Toni Merivuori    Finland    £3,675
9    Sandiep Khosa    UK    £2,820
10    Victor Ilyukhin    UK    £2,200
11    Stephen Eames    UK    £2,200
12    Adam Weavers    UK    £2,200
13    Marwan Malek    Lebanon    £1,735
14    Tomasz Kwiecinski    Poland    £1,735
15    Diego De Sanctis    Spain    £1,735
16    Richard Hill    UK    £1,400
17    Lukasz Mazurek    Poland    £1,400
18    Αθανάσιος Ζαπαντιώτης    Greece    £1,400
19    Tomas Krsek    Czech    £1,135
20    Murray Sharp    UK    £1,135
21    Willie Tann    UK    £1,135
22    Mike Tse    UK    £1,135
23    Rasmus Hansen    Denmark    £1,135
24    Shanmugavel Gajamugaruban    UK    £1,135
25    Alex Yuen    UK    £1,135
26    Lim-wai Cheung    UK    £1,135
27    Syamack Afshar    France    £1,135
28    Pantelis Pavlis    Greece    £1,000

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