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Online Gambling Traffic Up 114 Percent in October 2010

A truly amazing 114 rise in online gambling traffic was seen in October 2010 versus the previous month, September, according to the latest Internet traffic reports by comScore.

Although still trailing humor sites and retail sites in the big picture, the astonishing growth of online gambling activity should be yet another weapon in the war to legalize and regulate Internet gambling in the United States. 

“These numbers give credibility to states like New Jersey that claim the US and their state is losing out on millions,” writes John Blaise at

Among these online gambling sites, Full Tilt Poker leads the pack in the United States, with 4.7 visitors in October — almost double the 2.7 visitors from the second-place winner, PokerStars. In the international demographic, those two positions are reversed, with PokerStars taking the top spot. 

comScore attributes this increase to the World Series of Poker, which hyped up its November Nine finale throughout October, as well as interest in “online poker tournaments, sports betting and interest due to legislative debates on the subject.”

Nathan Denny
November 23, 2010