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Online Casino Deposits Halved Due To Economic Crisis

The incoming economic recession is the biggest item in the news right now, and it means that people are spending less money on food, fuel, luxury items and even online gambling.

It was long-believed that the online gambling world would ironically prosper during the economic downturn as people chose the convenience of gambling from their home over spending money to travel.

However, a recent, month-long study found that prior to the near-collapse of the world economic markets, players would deposit on average anywhere from $100 to $200 every two weeks. Now players are depositing an average of only $25 to $50.

"This tells me a couple of things," surveyor Sherman Bradley stated, "that online casinos are not these evil, addiction wielding devices that destroy lives. To me, this is proof that people only spend what they can afford on this form of entertainment and that they can certainly control themselves on the Internet. It also tells me that gambling in any form is not recession proof."